Joanna Nesbit, Freelance Writer

Joanna Nesbit

Northwest Freelance Writer

Family travel to Washington coast, Pacific NorthwestJoanna Nesbit is a freelance writer who writes about parenting, education, family travel, and the Pacific Northwest. Her articles and essays have appeared in consumer, custom, and online publications.

She's written about homework habits, why boys are struggling in school, ADHD, Common Core assessments, teen travel abroad, and Northwest trips with kids. She enjoys taking photos to accompany her articles. She lives with her family in Bellingham, Washington.


Recent articles: My latest piece on kids' motivation for -- such a slippery topic for us well-intentioned parents who want our kids to do well. 

And here's another piece on the benefits of video games. Key piece to factor in is moderation. 

This essay on why I'm not nagging about homework anymore was originally published on The Mid, a newish online parent site, which has been recently folded into the Scary Mommy website.